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Shear Saver - Scissor Sharpening Tool

Sharp Shears - Every Cut

Shear Saver - Scissor Sharpening Tool

Reduce Sharpening Fees

Reduce Fatigue & Stress

Shear Saver - Scissor Sharpening Tool

Sharpen At Your Work Station

Safely & Quickly Sharpen Your Own Shears

Shear Saver Features:
  • Keep Shears Sharp: Every Client. Every Cut.
  • Save Money: Reduces professional sharpening fees
  • Save Time: Sharpen right at your work station
  • Reduce Injury: Sharper shears = less fatigue and stress
Safely and quickly sharpen your own shears today.

Extend Shear Life

Extend Shear Life

Maintaining sharp shears yourself reduces the need for professional sharpening and extends the edge-life of your shears. Reducing the frequency of professional sharpening keeps your shears where they need to be......in your hands.

Keep Your Edge

Extend Shear Life

The patented Shear Saver does not grind or remove metal from your cutting edge. It gently realigns, sharpens, and smooths the blade’s microscopic edge back to like-new condition without shortening the edge-life or changing the original shear angle.

Save Money

Extend Shear Life

Your shears are an important investment and vital tool of your profession, artistic vision and means of expression. Reducing the frequency of costly professional sharpening keeps your shears in your hand, cutting hair and making money.

Reduce Fatigue

Extend Shear Life

Your shears are an extension of your hand. Dull shears can cause hand fatigue and injury over time. When used regularly, the Shear Saver gives your shears a like-new edge for clean cuts every time. That's peace of mind and less physical stress!

The Shear Saver Commitment

Satisfaction Guarantee

In the unlikely event of a part breaking, or any other issue that may occur under normal use, send the Shear Saver back for evaluation, repair, or replacement, if needed. Simply pay shipping/handling, and we will take care of the rest. The warranty covers operational issues. Scratches or damage caused by obvious abuse are not covered. The Shear Saver is refundable within 30 days of purchase, minus a 15% restocking fee, as long as it is free of scratches or damage.

Shear Saver Warranty

We stand behind Shear Saver 100% with a Lifetime Warranty that applies to function, materials, and workmanship.


"So simple to use, and gave immediate results. I like the fact that I don’t have to wait for a sharpener to come by."

Nikki Clifton - 8 Year Hair Stylist

"I instantly saw the results. I have had these dull shears for the past couple of weeks waiting for the sharpener to come in to sharpen them. A couple of passes through the Shear Saver and my shears are working great again. The hair no longer folds over when I use these shears. They cut right through."

Liz Munday - 16 Year Hair Stylist