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Sharp Shears – Every Client. Every Cut.

Shear Saver® Benefits
  • Saves Time: Sharpen right at your workstation
  • Saves Money: Reduces professional sharpening fees
  • Safe for Shears: Does not grind shears, remove metal or void shear’s manufacture warranty
  • Reduces injury: Sharper shears means less fatigue and stress on your hands
  • Easier Haircuts: Eliminates folding and pushing hair
  • Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind Shear Saver® 100%

Keep Shears Sharp On Your Own Terms

Drastically increase or extend the amount of time between professional sharpening. Shear Saver® is the only personal shear sharpener on the market, giving you control of your shears and bringing them back to like-new sharpness in seconds. Cut with more precision and less effort, every cut, and safely extend the edge-life of your most valuable tool.

Is Shear Saver® Safe For My Professional Shears?

Fifty years of research and development went into perfecting Shear Saver®. It’s produced by Razor Edge Systems – a trusted name for those who rely on knives, blades and sharp edges to complete their work with accuracy and precision.

Keep Your Edge

Keep Your Edge

Our revolutionary tool gently realigns, sharpens, and smooths the blade’s microscopic edge back to like-new condition, without changing the original shear angle or shortening the shear’s life. Shear Saver® does not grind or remove metal from your shear’s cutting edge.

Extend Shear Life

Extend Shear Life

Every time you send your shears to get professionally sharpened, it reduces the edge-life. That means the more you get your shears professionally sharpened, the faster you’ll need to replace them. Shear Saver® keeps your shears sharp, drastically increasing or extending the time between professional sharpening.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

We understand how important shears are to stylists and barbers. Shear Saver® reduces the frequency of expensive professional sharpening, which means you spend less time apart from your shears in the process. Shear Saver® keeps your shears in your hands, right where they belong.

Reduce Injury & Fatigue

Reduce Injury and Fatigue

Shear Saver® helps you avoid common problems such as carpal tunnel, and the painful finger cuts that happen when you’re forced to push too hard with dull shears. Keeping your shears sharp also helps you reduce hand fatigue and injury over time. When used regularly, Shear Saver® gives your shears a like-new edge.

Safely and quickly sharpen your own shears today.

Shear Saver® ships FREE and comes with a 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

Care For Your Shears

Just Like Top Chefs

Sharpen your shears just like top chefs sharpen their knives before each use. With Shear Saver®, you can take control of your shears, without needing to become a blade sharpening expert. Our innovative product makes a novice a master, allowing you to simply and conveniently sharpen your shears within seconds. Read More...

Sharp Shears On Your Terms

No more down time while you wait for your shears to be sharpened. Shear Saver® keeps you working. Reduce expensive, professional sharpening fees and have sharp shears for every client and every cut!

Product Reviews

"So simple to use, and gave immediate results. I like the fact that I don’t have to wait for a sharpener to come by."

Nikki Clifton - 8 Year Hair Stylist

"I instantly saw the results. I have had these dull shears for the past couple of weeks waiting for the sharpener to come in to sharpen them. A couple of passes through the Shear Saver® and my shears are working great again. The hair no longer folds over when I use these shears. They cut right through."

Liz Munday - 16 Year Hair Stylist