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Shear's Sharpness

Shear Saver® is a game-changing edge refining device that lets you control the sharpness of your shears — improving your edge right at your workstation.
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Shear Saver® is the First-Ever Edge Refining Device

Made just for professional stylists, barbers and pet groomers — Shear Saver® is safe for shears, easy to use, and only takes seconds.

Protect Your Edge

Shear Saver® is safe for all shears, period! Our trusted product does not grind shears, remove metal or void your shears’ manufacturer warranty. This means you can trust in our 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty to ensure you love your new Shear Saver®.

Extend Shear Life

Made in the USA, this innovative tool utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring back dying edges to like-new sharpness in seconds. Shear Saver® reduces the need for professional sharpening. It cuts costs and extends the edge-life, and overall life, of your most important tool. Our product is safe for shears as it never removes metal from your edges – ever.

Save Time + Money

Shear Saver® guarantees quicker, easier cuts, increasing your productivity and profit margins. And as it allows for tune-ups right from your workstation — it extends the time between professional sharpening, reduces sharpening fees in the long run, and even decreases shear separation anxiety.

Exteremely Easy To Use

We know it can be a bit intimidating to get used to — that’s why we offer every one of our customers the opportunity to have face-to-face training with our team to ensure you’re protecting your shears. With your purchase, you'll also receive access to our training video which shares vital information to help you feel confident and comfortable with this valuable tool.

Sets Include
Kenchii Shears
Combining industry-leading shears
with the latest sharpening technology —
Shear Saver® Set, which include
Kenchii Lumina (stylists) and
Kenchii Love (groomers),
are a fan favorite.
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Our customers often opt into purchasing a wall/table mount for convenient use and additional steeling tabs in case they are accidentally damaged.
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Is Shear Saver® safe for shears?
Will using it void my manufacturer warranty? All these questions, and more, on our FAQ page.
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Built On Trusted
For centuries, chefs have used honing steels
to protect their edge and extend their edge
life in-between professional sharpening, as
sharpening is meant to overhaul and rebuild
the edge. Shear Saver® operates on the same
premise. By using this device between
professional sharpenings, you protect your
edge by reducing the amount of times you
need to rebuild it. Therefore, you save money
through reduced sharpening costs!
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Meet Your Valued Customers



I love my Shear Saver the best money I ever spent at the zoom groom expo. Keeps my shears sharp until I can see my sharpener. With COVID and the shows being canceled it was hard to get my usual sharpening done so decided to give this a try. Was a little weird about it at first but the 100 percent guarantee pulled me in and I was shocked to see the results on a pair of shears that were bending hair so bad; to being able to cut hair with ease again! Just amazing!

Rachel George


Shear Saver is a very cool and useful invention. I don't have to worry about my shears getting dull and planning to send them out to get sharpened. it saves me money and time and its a Super neat gadget!!

Stella Corpora


Great little gadget that really does what it says and truly saved my shears. We run a pet grooming salon and see hundreds of dogs weekly. This tool is tremendous especially if you have a super busy salon!

Kelly Dixon


I would like to start off by saying I was a bit skeptical with this. I didn’t know how something so simple would change my work routine. Normally I would have sent my shears out to be sharpened at least twice by now for the time frame that Ive had this little gem, but I haven’t once. Already it has paid for itself. As soon as I see the fur isn’t cutting well I just pull this baby out, give my shears a few snipes through and their good to go. If you have any doubts, throw them aside and get it! Thank you Shear Saver for saving me money!

Shawnna Babb