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So simple to use!

"So simple to use, and gave immediate results. I like the fact that I don’t have to wait for a sharpener to come by." Nikki Clifton - 8 year Stylist

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What a breakthrough!

"I was approached by Razor Edge Systems to try a new concept of scissor sharpening. As the design evolved, a new prototype was given for my use. They sure put a lot of pride into their product to get the design perfected! The experience was interesting and very exciting. Can you imagine not having to mail your shears off and wait for them to get back? I would recommend the Shear Saver to any hair designer that wants to save time & money. What a breakthrough!!" Judy Koponen - Owner & Hair Designer at Studio 34 in Babbitt, MN

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I instantly saw results!

"I instantly saw the results. I have had these dull shears for the past couple of weeks waiting for the sharpener to come in to sharpen them. A couple of passes through the Shear Saver and my shears are working great again. The hair no longer folds over when I use these shears.  They cut right through." Liz Munday - Hair Stylist 

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