Shear Saver® For Pet Groomers
Shear Saver® For Pet Groomers

Shear Saver® For Pet Groomers

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Shear Saver®, For Pet Groomers, is a lightweight, hand-held system that sharpens shears up to 10” in seconds. It gently realigns, sharpens, and smooths the shear’s microscopic edge – without grinding away or removing metal from the cutting edge, and without negating the shear’s manufacturer warranty. Watch this video to catch Shear Saver® in action.

Note: Shear Saver® For Pet Groomers is designed to sharpen Pet Grooming shears only. To shop Shear Saver® For Stylists, click here.

Benefits of Shear Saver®, For Pet Groomers:

  • Safe for shears
  • Eliminates folding and pushing hair
  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Simple to use
  • Guaranteed for life

Note: Each Shear Saver® For Pet Groomers is shipped with a protective cinch pouch and includes one replacement steeling tab and hex key replacement tool.