Shear Saver Set - Bright Green

Shear Saver® Set - Bright Green

Regular price $350.00

Set Includes: The Original Shear Saver® + Kokoro Shears

Shear Saver® is a lightweight, hand-held system that sharpens shears up to 10” in seconds. It gently realigns, sharpens, and smooths the shear’s microscopic edge – without grinding away or removing metal from the cutting edge, and without negating the shear’s manufacture warranty. Watch this video to catch Shear Saver® in action.

Shear Saver® benefits:

  • Safe for shears
  • Eliminates folding and pushing hair
  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Simple to use
  • Guaranteed for life

Note: Each Shear Saver® includes one replacement steeling tab and hex key replacement tool.

Kokoro Shear Info:
Moderate pricing, maximum quality! That’s what we have in the Kokoro shear, part of your Shear Saver® Kit. Using Japanese AUS8 Vacuum heated steel to guarantee uniform hardness and a long-lasting edge, this forged one-piece shear is a must for professional or student. An offset handle gives you an ergonomic cutting position, ensuring less fatigue. There is also a removable finger rest and adjustable tension control. Kokoro Inc. has over 40 years of experience producing quality products with attention to detail. Shear Saver is proud to offer this shear as a part of their extensive line of superior products.

Shear Length: 6.25”

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