Shear Saver® For Pet Groomers

Shear Saver For Groomers

Seeking Success As A Pet Groomer? SHEAR SAVER® IS THE SECRET.

At Razor Edge Systems, we know that perfect pet cuts require super-sharp shears. It’s hard enough to wrangle energetic pups, soothe anxious dogs and manage multiple clients – all while working to transform your creative vision into reality. You don’t have the time to deal with dull shears and professional sharpeners. That’s why we set out on a mission to make your life easier.

Shear Saver® is the only personal scissor sharpener on the market designed specifically for groomers, making it possible to bring your shears’ edge back to like-new sharpness in seconds. That means quicker, easier and cleaner cuts. Our innovative tool is backed by 50 years of research and development – guaranteed to save you money and extend the edge life of your most valuable tool.

Fast and Easy to Use

This lightweight and hand-held tool sharpens shears up to 10” in seconds. Shear Saver® serves the same purpose as the chef’s straight steel and the barber’s leather strop. It gently realigns, sharpens, and smooths your shear’s microscopic edge – and because Shear Saver® doesn’t grind away or remove metal from the cutting edge, it won’t negate the shear’s manufacturer warranty.