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Razor Edge Systems™

Here at Razor Edge Systems™, we work hard each and every day to ensure we’re operating with honesty and integrity – and it’s been that way since we started.

During the Korean War (1950-53), United States Army barber John Juranitch became fascinated with the cutting edge and how to keep it sharp. He tried researching the topic and found little in the way of documentation. He set out to write the first book on the cutting edge — The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening – and in 1955, he created Razor Edge Systems™.

In 1968, after years of research, Juranitch patented his 1st knife clamping guide. His wife Rosemary and their five children also helped with the family business – assembling products and equipment and attending tradeshows.

In 1984, Juranitch earned a Guinness World Record for the fastest sharpening and shaving with an axe. In 1987, Juranitch’s son Joe beat his dad’s record in Chicago.

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We Set The Standard for Sharp Edges

In the early 1970s, Razor Edge Systems™ created our first central knife sharpening system. It revolutionized the meat processing industry as the technology positively impacted employee health, production, and profit margins. Later in 1976, the Juranitch family moved into a small garage in Ely, MN. There, we would then develop multiple sharpening systems.

In 1985, Razor Edge Systems™ patented the Mousetrap Steel®, which gives novice butchers the ability to keep knives as sharp or sharper than seasoned professional butchers.

Today, the latest innovations in technology fine-tunes all our products. We even have fully automated options to make sure our customers are cutting with the sharpest blade possible. With all of our products, Razor Edge Systems™ listens to our community of customers, makes changes as needed, and continues to exceed service expectations.

The Formation of shear saver®

After developing the Scissor Saver™ in 2010, a revolutionary device in which keeps scissors’ edges maintenance, Razor Edge Systems™ decided to tap into a new kind of market — grooming products.

Shear Saver® was born to ensure stylists, barbers and pet groomers achieve the most precise cut possible to protect, tune-up and extend the edge life of their shears. Shear Saver® drastically extends the edge life between professional sharpening which saves our customers money on shear replacement and sharpening costs.

Shear Saver® is the only personal shear sharpening device on the market – made especially for groomers, barbers and stylists. It cuts with more precision and with less effort. Importantly, Shear Saver® gently realigns, sharpens, and smooths your shear’s microscopic edge – and it doesn’t grind away or remove metal from the cutting edge. That means your manufacturer warranty is protected throughout the process.

Build On Honesty

Razor Edge Systems™ and Shear Saver® focuses on honesty, integrity and family values. We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through our extremely high standards and outstanding customer service. We look forward to working with you, and for you!

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