Because Your Blade is Your Business

Care for Your Shears as Top Chefs Care for Their Knives...

Top chefs use a personal, DIY sharpener – called a straight steel – on their knife, which gently realigns, sharpens and smooths the blade for peak performance. When top chefs use a straight steel, their knife edge is kept sharp each and every time they use it, creating an accurate and precise cut. With these tools, the knife stays sharper, longer, giving chefs more time between professional sharpening.

Most importantly, top chefs rely on their knives for artistic expression in the same way that painters depend on carefully-crafted paintbrushes and hairstylists rely on the perfect shear. Sharp, flawless knife edges allow chefs to showcase the mastery of their medium – creating innovative eats, picture-perfect palates, and mouthwatering dishes with a sharp edge. It’s time that hairstylists shears were given the same treatment.

That’s why we’ve developed Shear Saver®. We put in 50 years of research and development leading up to this product, ensuring your shears are sharp as possible, for every client and every cut.