Frequently Asked Questions

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What you need to know about Shear Saver®

Q: Does Shear Saver® remove metal or change the angle of my shears?

A: When used correctly, per instructions, Shear Saver® does not remove metal from the cutting edge nor does it change the angle of the shear blades. It works by smoothing and microscopically realigning the cutting edge.

Q: Will Shear Saver® void my manufacturer warranty?

A: Because Shear Saver® does not remove metal or change the shear’s blade angles, it will not void the shear’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Q: How often should Shear Saver® be used?

A: To keep your shears at peak performance, Shear Saver® can be used after each client’s haircut if desired, with just a few passes on our tool. We recommend not waiting until your shears are dull before use.

Q: Can Shear Saver® be used too much?

A: No. Shear Saver® is designed to be used as often as you’d like. Since no damage is happening to the blade while using the tool, it can be used frequently.

Q: What if the product’s shear guide bends?

A: If Shear Saver® is accidently dropped and the shear guide bends, it’s critical to replace the guide before using it again.

Q: How do I clean it?

A: Shear Saver® does not require cleaning and should not be soaked in sanitizing solutions. If desired, the steeling rod can be wiped down with rubbing alcohol applied to a cotton ball, followed by a light shear or clipper oil applied with a cotton ball.