What our customers have to say about Shear Saver®

"I ordered my Shear Saver from Groom Expo 2020. I figured with the 30 day back guarantee I couldn't go wrong. since I was a little skeptical at first... so as soon as i got in in the mall I had to see if it would fix a favorite pair of shears and got dull since i haven't been able to get sharpened due to covid and the expos being all virtual. I took a before video.. my shears were bending my fur wig and weren't cutting at all. after a few swipes with the shear saver and going to the same wig.... THEY WORKED AGAIN. I couldn't believe it. it was like magic. im so happy with my purchase now. definitely recommend to anyone who is having a problem getting the time to get your shears sharpened. or just wants to save Money in general. this is gonna help me out so much with money, time and stress. thank you so much!”

Rachel Frace

"shear saver is a very cool and useful invention. I don't have to worry about my shears getting dull and planning to send them out to get sharpened. it saves me money and time and its a Super neat gadget!!”

Stella Corpora

"Great little gadget that really does what it says and truly saved my shears. We run a pet grooming salon and see hundreds of dogs weekly. This tool is tremendous especially if you have a super busy salon!”

Kelly Dixon

"Absolutely love my Shear Saver! My husband bought me it for Christmas because I had been wanting it! Couldn’t wait to use it! I live in a rural area that has nowhere or no one that can sharpen shears, so you’re forced to buy new ones when the others get too dull! It is so nice to be able to sharpen my own and have shears that haven’t cut in years, cut now!”

Aja Mcneal Daughtry

"Very cool. Just received mine, thanks for the fast shipping!! I had a great time going around the salon showing off my new gadget and sharpening everyones shears haha. Everyones loving it and you can definitely notice the difference immediately. Had to watch the video again to understand how to work it, may seem tricky at first but its really simply! Not sure how often I need to do it but maybe once a week?"

Shannon W

"It’s so simple to use and gave immediate results. I like the fact that I don’t have to wait for a sharpener to come by."

Nikki Clifton – Hairstylist for 8 years

"They sure put a lot of pride into their product to get the design perfected! The experience was interesting and very exciting. Can you imagine not having to mail your shears off and wait for them to get back? I would recommend the Shear Saver® to any hair designer that wants to save time & money. What a breakthrough!!"

Judy Koponen – Salon Owner & Hair Designer

"I instantly saw the results. I have had these dull shears for the past couple of weeks waiting for the sharpener to come in to sharpen them. A couple of passes through the Shear Saver® and my shears are working great again. The hair no longer folds over when I use these shears. They cut right through."

Liz Munday – Hairstylist for 16 years

"In two years I saved $200 in sharpening fees!"

Mary M. – Designer & Salon Owner for 30 years

"The Shear Saver®  made my $20 shears sharper than my $600 shears."

Jenn C. – Hairstylist for 8 years