Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee:

We stand behind Shear Saver® 100% with a Lifetime Warranty that applies to function, materials, and workmanship of our product.

In the unlikely event of a part breaking, or any other issue that occurs under normal use, send the Shear Saver® back for repair, or replacement if needed. Simply pay shipping/handling, and we will take care of the rest. The warranty covers operational issues. Scratches or damage caused by obvious abuse is not covered. The Shear Saver® is refundable within 30 days of purchase, minus a 15% restocking fee, as long as it is free of damage.

Returns can be shipped to:
Razor Edge Systems Inc.
303 N 17th Avenue East, Ely, MN 55731

What maintenance is required?

Virtually no maintenance is required. If solutions are used to clean the steeling rod, wipe clean with water and thoroughly dry before storing. Do not bend the shear guide, as it is flexible. If the shear guide becomes bent, it will need to be replaced before use.


Shear Saver® is a professional shear sharpening tool designed for the professional hairstylist and barber. It is very important to view the operational video and review the instruction card included with your Shear Saver® before using the Shear Saver® on your shears.  To get comfortable and confident with the Shear Saver®, practice on test shears prior to using on your favorite revenue generating shears.